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Father’s Day Treasure Hunt

Posted on: June 17th, 2015 by Denver Signature Transportation No Comments

Here is a great idea to make this Father’s Day, Sunday June 21, 2015, one of the most memorable.

Dad and all the family enjoy a special treasure hunt created specifically for him on Father’s Day. It will be an exploration of Denver and all its surroundings, with lots of fun for everyone.

It takes a bit of advance planning to create this event. Children love helping with the plans.

Here are the things needed:

Reserve a Big Stretch Limo for the Entire Day
denver limo service, limousine service denver, limo service denverMake sure it is big enough so that the entire family can relax and enjoy the ride with plenty of room. Make sure the limo has the capability to play DVDs on a monitor and that it comes with a GPS navigation system so the driver easily finds any address in Denver. Make sure the limo has Daddy’s favorite snacks and drink.

Make a List of Ten Things Daddy Really Likes
Get all the kids together, when Daddy is not home. It does not matter what the things listed are, except “working all the time” should not be on the list. These ten things are the inspiration for creating the treasure hunt and help decide what Daddy discovers on the trip.

Make a Short Video Recording
This video is of all the kids and mom, saying why they love Daddy so much. They can say anything they want, even funny things, such as “I love Daddy because he has a big nose!” All that matters is that it is sincere.

Copy the video to a playable DVD. Check to make sure it plays properly. This DVD will be the first thing done upon entering the limo to introduce the treasure hunt, so it is good to end the video with saying, “And now it is time for the treasure hunt.”

Prepare the Treasure Map
Select ten different Denver locations that relate to the ten things that Daddy really likes. Be sure one of them is having lunch at his favorite restaurant. If he likes sports, take him to a sports equipment shop, were he will discover a gift certificate waiting for him and then be able to hunt for something he likes. Put some silly and fun things on the list like taking him to a joke shop or a place that sells comic books. Do not forget a stop off for some ice cream.

Have Mommy print out the locations of where they are from the map search engines, but do not include information about what they are, just those red arrows showing the locations on the map. Make sure the driver gets an ordered list of all the addresses on the map. Give Daddy clues about what the locations are and have him try to guess each one, while driving there. Bring a camera along to take plenty of photos.

Mommy/Daddy Private Time
When it is evening, it is time for Daddy to go out with Mommy for a romantic dinner, maybe some dancing and the kids to have fun at home playing video games or watching movies with a baby sitter. There are some single daddies too. In that case, the kids have more play time with Daddy.

Have a wonderful treasure-filled Happy Father’s Day!

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