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Ways to Stay Safe and Prevent Theft While Traveling

Posted on: February 2nd, 2016 by Denver Signature Transportation No Comments

stay safeWhether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it is important to stay safe. In addition to your personal safety, you want to take appropriate measures to protect your belongings. For example, to arrive at different venues, you can always use the services of a Denver limo service. To ensure safe travel, consider some of the other recommendations as well.


Safe Travel Tips


  • Good Planning—Planning virtually every aspect of your trip reduces risk. Obviously, you want to stay in a hotel in a low-crime area, dine at restaurants in busy areas, and use appropriate transportation for getting around.


  • Proper Packing—The items you pack are important. Instead of taking expensive jewelry, pack costume pieces that only look expensive. In addition, never carry a large amount of cash. Instead, use credit or debit cards or if you prefer, purchase traveler’s checks. Even then, make sure you carry any form of money in a safe place on your person and when going out, take only what you need, leaving the rest in a hotel safe.


  • Computer Cookies and History—If you have to use a public computer for any reason, be sure to eliminate all cookies and the browsing history. Otherwise, another user who is computer savvy can gather important information that could lead to identity theft or stolen passwords.


  • Wi-Fi Connections—Never use an open Wi-Fi connection. If you need a connection where Wi-Fi is unavailable, you can purchase a wireless gadget to take on your trip so you have complete security.


  • Baggage—When traveling, do not allow another person to carry your baggage. The only exception is a porter at the airport or hotel. Unfortunately, it has become relatively common for unauthorized people to offer to carry bags for a nominal fee. The problem is that some people have quick, sticky fingers.


  • Bank ATMs—If you need cash while away from home, use only bank ATMs. In the past several years, there has been an increase in credit and debit card theft via a special device placed on generic ATMs by criminals that capture PIN information. Therefore, always go to a reputable bank and if you’re getting cash out at night, choose a well-lit location.


  • Travel with a Friend—Whenever possible, travel with a friend. Although many people travel alone, this poses risk. If you are interested in traveling but have no one to go with, there are reputable services that match travel buddies. In addition to being safer, traveling with a friend or buddy is often more fun.


Appropriate Ground Transportation


The most affordable and safest mode of ground transportation, regardless of your destination, is a limo service. If you have an upcoming trip planned for Colorado, you will ultimately be safer by using a Denver limousine company.

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