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Travel Tips: The Best FREE Travel Apps

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by Denver Signature Transportation No Comments

limo service denver , travel tipsThanks to technology, you can use any number of helpful travel applications. These apps save time and money while making travel more efficient and convenient. Although there are far more than just the ones on this list, the applications provided have been ranked as being some of the best offered at no charge.

CityMapper – Anytime you visit a new city, the CityMapper travel app is essential. This application is available in North America, as well as many cities around the world. As a navigation app, routes are planned to include all relevant information needed to get you to your destination on time and in a safe manner.

What3Wors – Similar to a GPS application, this travel app allows you to pinpoint family members and friends to a very specific location for an added layer of convenience and safety.

HotelTonight – When making hotel arrangements, this is a must-have travel app. You can book a hotel room with little notice or up to seven days in advance.

Been – With this app, you can begin to track your travels. After selecting the countries visited, the application calculates the percentage of each continent, as well as the world, you have visited.

Parkopedia – Regardless of the country you visit, driving rules are different. With Parkopedia, you can quickly learn about the rules of the road for any upcoming trip.

FlightTrack – Although this travel app does cost $4.99, it is money well spent. With this app, you can check the path of literally thousands of international flights using zoom-able maps. Detailed info, such as delays and cancelations, is included.

XE Currency – Just as rules of the road vary, currency rates are unique to different countries. With this free travel app, you will have no trouble dealing with various currencies.

LoungeBuddy – Around the world there are different airport lounges, each attracting a type of traveler. To locate a lounge where you feel comfortable that has the right amenities, this is an excellent application.

TravelSafe – For virtually every country, this free travel app provides a database of emergency numbers

Remember, even if you hire a limousine company to provide ground transportation, many of these free travel apps are highly beneficial. Of course, the best travel tips we offer are to book your stress-free limousine travel with Signature Limousine.

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