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4 Tips for Decreasing Corporate Travel Expenses

Posted on: January 6th, 2016 by Denver Signature Transportation No Comments

reduce travel expensesRegardless of what type or size of business you operate, travel expenses add up quickly, especially if multiple people within the organization spend time on the road for work, in which case financial risk intensifies. However, you have the opportunity to reduce travel expenses, thereby putting more money back into the business to help it grow.


  1. Corporate Travel Policy


First and foremost, you need to develop and implement a firm travel policy for everyone within the company. No matter who the traveler is or how often he or she spends time away on business, the policy will help regulate expenses. If you don’t have a formal and firm travel policy in place, your company is at risk of losing a significant amount of money.


Be sure to cover everything within the policy, such as airline travel, ground transportation, hotel stays, per diem expenses, timelines, dining, and so on. As a prime example, consider having employees use an airport shuttle in Denver as opposed to taking a taxi. For a group of travelers, a Denver airport limo service is more cost effective than renting one or more cars.


  1. Corporate Travel Cards


You also want to choose the right corporate credit cards used for travel. Today, many credit card issuers offer incredible reward programs specifically for companies with traveling employees. If travel is essential for your company, make sure you choose a corporate travel credit card that offers a bevy of perks, such as access to airport lounges, discounts on hotel stays, cash back earnings, and dining discounts, among others.


  1. Appropriate Training


Even with a new travel policy, unless employees that conduct business away from the office are offered appropriate training, you will benefit very little. In comparison, teaching travelers how to identify and make smart choices while on the road is extremely helpful. Using behavior-changing strategies, employees that travel can still stay in nice hotels and use Denver limousine services while spending less.


  1. Employee Input


Most travel-related decisions are made at the top, so opportunities for spending less are often missed. It is important that you listen to the very people who spend the most time traveling, thereby gaining tremendous insight into cost-saving options that might otherwise be overlooked.


Saving Money with Denver Limousine Services


Of all travel expenses, ground transportation ranks as the fifth most expensive, so you want to pay particular attention to decisions made. Hiring a Denver limousine company is actually an excellent way to save money. In fact, when choosing a reputable company, there is a good chance of working out some type of corporate deal for your company that is favorable to both parties.

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