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10 Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

Posted on: June 1st, 2016 by Denver Signature Transportation No Comments


business travelBusiness travel comes with its share of challenges. However, by choosing the right gadgets, these challenges can be easier to handle.

Top Gadget Choices

  1. 2-in-1 Power Bank – Power banks are real lifesavers. With a mobile charger, you never have to worry about dying batteries on your tablet or cell phone again. 
  1. Espresso on the Go – With a gadget like Minipresso, you can enjoy an outstanding cup of espresso instead of spending time trying to track one down.
  1. Privacy Screen – With hacking of data and identity theft on the rise, you want to take every precaution when traveling on business. For added protection, a privacy screen prevents people nearby from seeing proprietary information on your laptop, phone, and other mobile devices.
  1. Carrying Case – For business trips that incorporate a little bit of pleasure, such as golf or tennis, you need the right bag. The LeTrav carrying case is an exceptional product that is strong, durable, and designed for this very purpose.
  1. Wi-Fi – Instead of using Wi-Fi as a hotel guest or through an unsecured system, you can purchase a gadget called Karma Go for around $150. With this, you have access to the Internet whenever you need it and can share your connection with up to eight devices.
  1. Portable Scanner – This type of gadget has become increasingly popular. A top choice is the Epson WorkForce DSBright, which is a 40-color portable scanner used for sending images to a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or the cloud.
  1. Jacket Gripper – When traveling on business in the winter, there is always a jacket to deal with. To take a jacket and keep it out of the way, you can purchase a grabber that attaches to your purse or laptop case strap.
  1. Colorful Luggage Tags – If you check bags when traveling but always struggle to find yours amongst many others, colorful luggage bags are easy to spot and affordably priced.
  1. Fitness Tracker – If you like to stay in shape while traveling, a gadget like the Fitbit Flex is ideal. This wristband tracks your diet, sleep patterns, calories burned, and more.
  1. Power Outlet – When traveling with a number of electronic devices, it can be difficult to find enough power outlets. With a gadget like Monster Outlets to Go, you have your own extra outlets. Included are three AC outlets and two USB charging ports in one gadget. 

Professional Limo Services

Along with all the cool gadgets that make business travel easier, do not forget limo service. Signature Transportation stands by our mission to ensure that every ride with us is stress-free and comfortable.  Call us today at 303-649-1211 or book online



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