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Travel Tips: Insider Airline Travel Secrets

Posted on: April 26th, 2016 by Denver Signature Transportation No Comments


travel tipsNo matter how many times you travel in and out of a particular airport, some things will always remain unknown. However, both pilots and flight attendants are now spilling the beans, sharing airport tips and secrets that you may find surprising. While some of these travel tips are just fascinating, others could help in the event of an accident.

Insider Information

  • Oxygen Masks – Before every flight, the attendant goes through a series of safety procedures for passengers to follow. One involves the appropriate way to use oxygen masks. However, you may not realize that there are only about 15 minutes of oxygen available once the mask has been pulled down. While that may initially sound alarming, experts claim that is adequate time for a pilot to bring an aircraft down to a lower altitude.
  • Dimming Lights – Upon landing, lights onboard airplanes are dimmed. The actual reason for this is that if the plane should have to be evacuated immediately after landing, your eyes would already be adjusted to the darkness, making it easier and safer for you to debark.
  • Airplane Restrooms – If you cannot open the restroom door while in flight, it can be opened from the outside. Typically, beneath the “no smoking” sign there is a hidden lock mechanism.
  • In-Flight Meals – Although not all airlines serve meals on flights, some do. For those that do, pilots are often served as well. To eliminate the risk of food poisoning, each pilot is served a different meal that cannot be shared.
  • Airplane Engines – The thought of a big jet liner losing one of its engines is unnerving, but these planes are designed to fly perfectly fine on a single engine.
  • Water – It is common for flight attendants to offer passengers an array of beverages while flying, including water. However, you should only accept unopened bottles of water. The reason being that the ports used to eliminate waste from the restroom and those used to refill portable water on the plane are literally within feet from one another.

Making Flights Even Better

In addition to these travel tips and secrets, there is a way that you can make your flight even more comfortable: hire a chauffeur. A chauffeur can you to the airport, or from an airport to a hotel, in a comfortable and safe manner. The chauffeur will also handle all your baggage so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.  At Signature Transportation, each and every ride with us is exceptional.  We are completely licensed and insured and your comfort and safety are our top priority.  Call us today at 303-649-1211 or book online at

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